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10 Simple Steps for a Back-to-School Sleep Reset

This article provides 10 simple steps for resetting your child’s sleep schedule before school starts in the fall. Understanding & working with our natural sleep cycles and hormones will help your child feel rested & ready for all of the newness of the upcoming school year.

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Preparing for Illness & Injury with Kids

Unexpected trips to Urgent Care or the ER with kids is stressful for everyone involved. This article provides tips for preparing for kids’ medical events in advance to help you handle the situation as calmly and efficiently as possible when it arises.

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3 Important Roles of Vitamin B12 in Brain Health

Vitamin B12 plays many important roles in the health of our brain and nervous system, and it’s important for parents to understand this essential nutrient. Since B12 is not manufactured by our bodies, we are required to get it from food.

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Easier Mornings with a Sunrise Alarm Clock

Since our bodies are primed to respond to light and dark signals to help modulate these hormones, we can take advantage of this when it comes to helping our kids wake up easier in the morning. One of my favorite tools for harnessing our own physiology is to use a sunrise alarm clock.

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